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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Tails

On the Internet he's known as "The Bad Guy", but in actuality he's a pretty cool guy. His personality is similar to Gerald from the kids show "Hey Arnold", he's the type of guy who has every ones attention but is always just viewed as the funny friend. "Its a million in one shot that I'll make it, if I don't make it in the Rap Game I'll go into Radio Broadcasting". Young Tails is currently enrolled in his Senior year at Penn State University pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism, he's actually looking forward toward earning his Masters Degree. Most Rappers these days forget the importance of a good education, and the doors that can open when they obtain a degree. Although he's known as an outspoken funny man, Young Tails feels that his intentions are quite often misunderstood as a mean person. In reality he only wants to create a positive impact on his peers and make sure everyone around his circle gets a good laugh. As I got to get familiar with his Mix tape play list, he said his Top Five Emcee's of all time consisted of, " Jadakiss, Eminem, 50 Cent, Loyyd Banks and Young Jeezy". I don't know about Loyyd Banks being on a Top Five list yet, but everyone has their preference in great music right?

Young Tails released three Mix tapes so far which you can download for FREE off He's always had a great reaction with his fans when it came to his music, but since the release of his last Mix tape "The Pressure" it seems he's put a delay on his Rapping career, why? For now Tails is currently working on a novel titled, "Faith and Sight" based on a young mans struggle to find direction in his faith. The novel according to Tails is a, "Constantine like drama with a lot of dark humor", I guess it's a good look being he's in school for journalism and all.As I listened to his last mix tape "The Pressure" I discovered that his music is quite relative to the obstacles many of us average people deal with or fight for in life. I think his wittiness and forward attitude is what solidifies his image as a Rapper. I'm sure his fans would appreciate some new music, the world needs more people they can relate to.

"The same people who judge me for my way of thinking are the same people who will pay a penny for my thoughts" - Young Tails

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