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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Roots LIVE In Brooklyn!!!

Known as the most soulful group in Hip-Hop, The Roots played "Free Show" this past week in Prospect Park. The stands quickly filled up as the buzz began to spread throughout the Internet of a "Free Roots show in Brooklyn". The musical atmosphere was melodic and care free, as if Woodstock met Brooklyn somewhere down the line. Several acts took the stage after The Roots opened the show, the smell of Weed was in the air. One group in particular captured my attention, "The Lazy Eye Crew" who came all the way from Ghana to play at the show that night. The Lazy Eye Crew Brought Samba and Bu bu Music that blended together to create a very up-beat sound. The crowd was live and full of excitement, being that Spain won The World Cup earlier that day. The atmosphere was set to for having a great time, half of the the crowd was lighting up Herb. After about six acts were performed and the kush cloud went down, The Roots took the stage and began their set. Roots member Black Thought began hitting the crowd with lyrical bombs as he opened the show! About ten minutes in to their performance, suddenly Talib Kweli bursts out to the stage as fans flooded towards him. The Brooklyn bred MC preformed the smash hits "How Do You Like It" & "Just To Get By". He most definitely blessed the mic then giving it back to The Roots for the rest of the show. The Roots then preformed several of their various hits but the majority of their music came from their new album, "How I Got Over". Tuba player Damon Bryson made sure his sound was heard as he frantically jumped from each side of the stage as he played.Black Thought lyrically murdered each verse as the show continued on. Fans even rhymed every word as he went along while lead guitarist, Captain Kirk Douglas and drummer, ?uestlove began playing "Sweet Child of Mine" as a tribute to the legendary Guns and Roses. They then ended the night off within encore to each member of the band, as Black Thought delivered an intense acapella. The Roots played a great show in Brooklyn that night, bringing back the soul that Hip-Hop was missing for so long. It was a perfect night for music to say the least. Their new album "How I Got Over" is an instant classic and I strongly recommend it to anybody that is a true fan of the culture.

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