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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hip Hop' biggest trendsetter Kanye West has reemerged this past month with a series of hits. He began his come back with the ever so popular "POWER" which reached Billboard Music Top 10 within its first week! Kanye also made a remix with Jay Z which was amazing to say the least. The video shot for the original score of Power started some controversy due to the so called "Illuminati" symbols and references the video was said to depict. The second hit to flood the Internet was 'Monster" featuring Jay Z and Young Money's first lady Nicki Minaj. The track was a major hit, receiving multiple spins on local radio stations nationwide and creating a download frenzy on the Internet. Kanye even managed to tap into his "College Dropout" flow on his song "Devil in a Dress", which portrayed a more sensitive side to his music after his split with Amber Rose. Kanye's performance at the MTV Music Awards was historical to say the least! He performed "Runway" with Pusha T of The Clipse, who was recently signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D Music record label. Their performance topped all the other acts that night, the next morning everyone was chanting, "Let's have a toast for the douche bags, Let's have a toast for the assholes!" His persistence has proven to be worthy, and his consistency to work since his release from rehab has not gone unnoticed. Kanye also managed to get all his label mates together and create G.O.O.D Friday, a song based on positive vibes, featuring Rappers Common, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Pusha T, and Charlie Wilson. With new material hitting the Internet every week, Kanye is creating a tremendous buzz for his next album which is said to be released in November. The last 2 hits that's caught my attention were "Lord Lord Lord" featuring Mos Def, Swiss Beats, Raekwon, and Charlie Wilson which has a soulful grace to it, as well as "Christion Dior Denim Flow" featuring John Legend, Pusha T, Ryan Leslie, Lloyd Banks, and Kid Cudi. With Rapper Lil Wayne due to be released the first week of November, its safe to say that Hip Hop will be back on its regular function and great music will continue to reach the masses. While we wait in anticipation for Kanye's next move, lets all have a toast for them Douche Bags!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Comeback Season

The Jordan Brand is making a strong comeback this year for Nike.There have been a lot of ups and downs on what consumers anticipated this year for the Jordan brand. With the recent release of the S.A.E "Silver Anniversary Edition" of Some of the hottest Jordans ever released, Retro Jordans proved to be the Top Sellers. There is still the question of "Will they continue to deliver good merchandise?" due to the fact there's no official release for any future "SAE". There was talk of EVERY Retro Jordan being Released in white. So Anticipation once again is the key of the Jordan Brands Success. The Jordan Retro's 3, 4, And 9 have already been released, let the wait begin for your favorite Retro to be released!!

The Air Max Uptempo 97 Will be released this year, the wait is finally over! There was some slight controversy amongst Sneakerhead's recently about the Uptempo 97 and the Nike Foamposites looking alike, It raised a few eyebrows and left people asking, "which one is worth it"? The way the color display on each one is sick I say get em both. The Air Max Uptempo will come in colors such as black and white, Red and Black as well as a Navy Blue and white edition which is rarely seen now in days. The retail price is set to be $160 and still has no exact release date, but believe me they will definitely be flying off shelves.

Nike Recently came out with the idea to make a new kind of "Fusion" sneaker. The victim this time will be one of the greatest sneakers to ever touch a persons feet....Foamposites. The Jordan/Uptown Fusions actually sold a decent amount considering Nike was putting out Retros At the Same time as the Fusions due to the Retro influence. This can be a Love or Hate Sneaker for Sneakerheads in every class. It Features The Foamposite Material as well as the original Air force 1 Design. Be on the look out for a few colorways Including Silver and maybe even a Eggplant colorway.


With a love for the art of Break dancing DJ DIVERSE grew up as a B-Boy in the streets of New York City, as a teen he saw a DJ doing a set and he took that as his biggest inspiration and ran with it. Now with about eight years under his belt, DJ DIVERSE has managed to link up with Los Maximo Productions in the year 2007, and become one of their official DJ's. He is currently working on his website which will be up sooner than later and you can also catch DJ DIVERSE on on Thursday nights at 7pm. Every career path has it perks and luckily for DJ DIVERSE traveling is one of the major factors induced into his everyday schedule.

DJ DIVERSE has managed to travel to Florida, North Carolina, Arizona even to Canada to entertain at lounges, clubs and many other events. With the changes in the DJ Industry from working with LPC, to CD's to the more efficient Laptop, technology has definitely changed the coarse of how DJ' work these days. He favorites Salsa, Techno and House music when it comes to his set, but he sure doesn't mind changing it up and getting the party started. I had a chance to party with DJ DIVERSE at a New York City lounge called Room Service on 21st between 5Th & Park. He definitely had the crowd going in a frenzy as we celebrated a mutual friends birthday, he even managed to give GetSaucedTV a shout out which was cool. His style is quite different and his approach toward music is amazing!

With influences like DJ DP ONE, DJ DANNY S, DJ COCO CHANELLE, DJ PETER GONZALEZ, & DJ ALEX SENSATION his motive and dedication towards becoming a great DJ was steered in the right direction. I asked DJ DIVERSE, "What makes you different from other DJ's"? He replied, "I believe in the ability to break records in the club...Now all you hear is mainly DJ's playing the new records on the radio..I also believe the diversity of music I will play at a party anywhere from English, Spanish or Brazilian. I'm not afraid of playing it for any crowd if its at the right moment". I guess it isn't hard to understand why they call him DJ DIVERSE.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marcii Allargo

When you think of Brooklyn you think of the greats like Biggie, Jay Z, Mos Def and Fabolous to name a few, but artist Marcii Allargo is making his mark to be part of that line up in the years to come. Although we know it will take a great deal of work to achieve that goal, Marcii has one thing most artist don't have that's versatility and self awareness. His ability to make music ranging from trials and tribulations to the usual party music and "Take a nigga bitch" music as he adequately put it. Born in Tobago, Trinidad Marcii has seen the world in a different prospective till he moved to Brooklyn in his later years. Marcii decided to start rapping about nine years ago in 2001 when Dr.Dre released "The Chronic" it was the gateway towards his journey into the Hip-Hop world, which I might add was a great influence towards becoming a Rapper.

His goal as an artist is to simply stay relevant and not lose himself before he reaches his ultimate destination, which a lot of people tend to do due to the pressure and the fast lifestyle. I can honestly respect that, its not everyday you find an artist who is in tune with his goals and knows how much he can take before he changes his ways of thinking. One of his biggest influences which we both share in common is Bob Marley, because despite everything that was thrown in his path he didn't complain he faced it with a smile and the highest confidence. If given the chance he would like to work with artist such as Jay Z, Lauren Hill, Joe Budden, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Chrissette Michelle and Kanye West to name a few. Taking a look at music today Marcii told me he's very excited to see the direction the game is taking in the next few years.

Besides being an artist he's also quite passionate towards fashion and believes its a big part of our culture. With the majority of his songs on Myspace, Marcii is currently working on a mixtape which is yet to be titled which is due to be released in December. The anticipated release has many of his fans on their toes but that's the beauty of good music, when you think of Marcii just picture someone from the bottom who has the potential to be the best.

How do you Get Sauced?
"I get sauced with that Henny and that good bitch Mary Jane, more so Mary Jane she got me committed ".

Monday, September 13, 2010


The Lower East Side is on the rise with a series of new artist coming out in a wave. One artist in particular that stands out is E.L.I.T.E, his witty rhymes and social attitude have managed to build a lane for E.L.I.T.E in the New York Hip Hop scene. With a relative attitude towards his music, E.L.I.T.E's prime objective is to make music we can all relate to, he really puts emphasis on each verse so regular Joe's like us can say things like "Damn, that's exactly what I was thinking".
With artist like Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and J.Cole on his iPod, it's obvious E.L.I.T.E has a very fresh approach towards his taste in music. Although he is an avid listener of modern Rap and Hip Hop, his biggest influence behind his progression to make it proved to be Eminem in his 8 Mile era. Like most young artist, poetry was the driving force behind his rhymes which he began writing at the age of 12, his love for words obviously took him in the right path. From Gangster Music to Pop Techno, E.L.I.T.E's versatility is what sets him apart from all the other fish in the tank.
The "Light Up (Remix)" he did with fellow L.E.S rapper Profecy back in July did well, and his buzz for his mixtape "The Hangova" is going around fast. As a college student currently enrolled at The University at Albany, his progression to spreading the message will soon hit the masses. In his approach to the new generation he believes it's an artist's job to mold and create new styles in music in order to leave a positive blueprint for the next generation to follow. At the age of only eighteen E.L.I.T.E plans on obtaining an education while pursuing his rap career as well. Given the opportunity E.L.I.T.E hopes to one day work with greats such as Eminem and Jay-Z. I see ambition in E.L.I.T.E and his pursuit to make it as a Rapper, you can tell he's a dedicated individual who pushes
Every Last Inch Towards Excellence.

How do you Get Sauced?
New mixtape is called "The Hangova" ...nuff said. lol.. YUUUUUURRRRRR! good lookin for the interview Gz! Get SAUCED FUCKIN TV!!! IF YOU DONT GET SAUCED GET LOST JUUUU HEARDD ! SHOUT TO WHITE KNIGHT ENT. GOD SQUAD. L.E.S...we here!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

French Montana: Cocaine & Caviar

French Montana or most commonly known as "Frenchy" in the Hip-Hop society has released another mixtape titled, "Cocaine & Caviar". The Bronx representative has made quite an impact in the past few years with his verbal presence and "Laxed" songs, as well as his ties with Rapper Max B who's enduring Seventy plus years in a maximum security prison. The mixtape features artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Wacka Flocka, Gucci, Akon and Currensy, its easy to see how Frenchy is building a name for himself. The first song that caught my attention was "Not Ready" featuring Wiz Khalifa which was a classic warning track to the competition with a lot of witty weed mentions. "Chopa Chopa Down" featuring Wacka Flocka was aimed to be a classic hype track but I don't think it met expectations. There was a track which I thought possessed that real New York City vibe, and that track was "We Runny" with Fat Joe addressing competitors and haters alike. Listening to those tracks I could see the direction Frenchy took towards this mixtape, and slowly began hearing how he matured over certain beats and staying on the subject. His collaborations with D Block representatives Jadakiss and Styles P were well done and proved to be great dope boy music. Masspike Miles also did a great job on his two featured tracks, I went online and saw the video for one of the tracks Miles did with Frechy called, "She Loves It" which was a real sensual track for the ladies. My favorite feature on the track had to be a song with Memphis Rappers Three 6 Mafia called, "Money Money Weed Blow" it had a real chill melodic vibe to it. Another song called , "Top Chef" had an strait drop to it that most Rap heads can easily bop to. Frenchy also hopped on two of the summers classics which were "Light Up" By Drake and the ever so popular "BMF" which he Boddied! His best solo track on the mixtape was "Juuuuu Heard" which was a classic to say the least. The "coolest" feature I heard was towards the end of the mixtape which had to be "In The Sun" with Currensy, the song had a Potheads delight type feel to it, which is something most music heads want these days. Cocaine Caviar is a dope mixtape, French Montana is definitely progressing as an artist and has managed to proove he's a relevant rapper and can maintain that role. Good party and smoke music is what you'll get on this mixtape besides the ganster glory behind it, I just wonder what will Frenchy do next?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Word Play Of The Week: J.Cole

THE WORD PLAY OF THE WEEK goes to J- Cole with BLOW UP. A song to his fans and his peers detailing the road he's part taken in on his road to stardom. These are just the last two verses which showed great empathy towards the struggles we all face, Its a great motivational song that I think everyone should hear, especially if your a aspiring artist who's trying to make it.

[J. Cole - Verse 2]
Momma said I should reconsider law school
that means I wear a suit and be a troop and feel awful
hell naw, got a degree but what that cost you
you make a good salary just to pay Sally May
thats real as ever
ducking bill collectors like Jehova’s witness
when they showed up at your door at Christmas
was broke as dishes tryna let it go
hit the club she drop it low
lower than my credit score

account overdraft what I got this debit for
summers dead it got me drinking thinking b-tch I better blow
I better blow
these hoes aint checking for no n-gga with no vehicle
you border like Mexico
hey baby girl what it look like
and where ya head at
and what ya cook like
she said where ya bread at
and what your whip like
you aint got one or the other than brother good night

b-tch I’m about to blow up
look I’m about to blow up
yeah got to the club early just to get a friend
wait for hoes to show up
but now its bottles at the tables bring the models boy
I’m about to po’ up
uh ha, you know what
b-tch I’m about to blow up

left side left side hey
right side right side ah ha
left side left side hey


Praise God it’s hard to stay spiritual
how they got these n-ggas on the TV selling miracles
you mean to tell me everything gon be fine
if I call your hotline and pay 29.99 sh-t
well damn, why aint you say so
take this shaking ass multiply all my pesos
and erase my number out the phone of these fake hoes
I saved her number just in case but now it’s case closed
to you n-ggas biting my flows and my subject matter
you’ll never be me partner so it don’t f-cking matter
you try to be and your career will see funerals
and be you thats what it sounds, beautiful
then maybe you could blow up
and maybe you could blow up
sh-t but you know what
for now b-tch I’m about to blow up

Fashions Night Out

New York City had a very busy night as the second "Fashions Night Out" took place in Soho last night. Several stores participated in the event as the night went underway, with socialites as well as celebrities making appearances in many stores. The streets were filled and full of excitement, as if Halloween met fashion in the mist of it all. Stores such as Dolce & Gabana, Steve Madden, ESPIRIT, and Prada had DJ's bringing the night to life. Celebrities such as Rapper Fabolous, Singer Chris Brown and many others made appearances in stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. R&B Star Mary J Blidge hosted the event at Gucci which was slightly impossible to get into, other artist like Pop star Theophilus London hosted as DJ at MASCOT's Eye wear till about eleven at night making sure he spoke with fans and consumers alike. The vibe was felt as you walked made way from avenue to avenue down the busy streets of Soho, proving to be a great idea for the ever so popular Fashion New York City is known for. The window displays many of the stores exhibited were well thought out and caught onlookers attention with no trouble. One display which was done with the theme "Candy" was well put together by Designer Martha B. Napier for the store City Sweets. As the night took its coarse and everything began to settle down, I got to see the outfits people had put together for the celebrated event. I was definitely caught off guard by some of the fashion statements I saw but then again It was Fashions Night Out So I guess They Get A pass.