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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010


Isn't it amazing how DIPSET managed to pull through and reunite to make good music? Of coarse we all know they did it for the money, and to put a stop to the guilt their fans continued to bestow on them. This is some of the footage shot by Hot 97 in which you see the once powerful movement come together and move once again. DIPSET LIVES!!!

Wiz Khalifa [INTERVIEW] On Shade 45 With Dj Who Kidd

D!ZZY - WHiTE And NAVY [Official Video]

Any Given Monday ep.6 w/ Yelawolf

DRAKE "Born To Be" [Documentary]

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kanye West - All of The Lights (LIVE)

Kanye West held a secret show last night here in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom on 6 Delancey Street, In which he performed a few of his latest hits from his New album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Check it out! Feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kid Cudi - Marijuana Live @ Amsterdam

Curren$y - PILOT TALK II

It's finally over! The day has come and Curren$y finally dropped his anticipated mixtape, "Pilot Talk II" which has been in the talks since the first one was released. The whole album brings a new sound to Curren$y and his signature JETS sound so many of his listeners have grown follow. The mixtape proves to be quite a tribute to the Marijuana culture and its use. You can tell the creative drive behind the mixtape was set in a good direction, the track "Micheal Night" set the bar and has been a Twitter favorite since it's release. Besides the care free influence, this mixtape is very catchy and supplies intricate verses on each track featured.

The track "Airborne Aquarium" is a psychedelic laid back type of track, the base carries the track and his competitive wordplay keeps your head bopping each bar. Other songs like, "Fashionably Late, Famous, & Highed Up" all shined as noticeable good music which surprisingly found its immediate way to my MP3 player. The best feature I found on the mixtape was the track "Hold On" featuring Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver, which was a mesmerizing song about being High and enjoying it. Curren$y did his thing this is one of the greatest mixtapes I've heard this month, I definetly recomend it to any avid weed and Hip Hop lovers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wiz Khalifa Freestyle On Invasion Radio W/ Araabmuzik On The MPC



SPAR ONE is a freelance artist based in New York City. He received formal training at The High School of Art and Design, the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League. He works in a variety of media including watercolor, pastels, pencil, pen and ink, acrylic paint, felt tip pens and aerosol paint.

In his work he draws upon an eclectic sphere of influences such as Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, Rick Griffin, Roger Dean, Celtic and African art. The primary creative force in his work is his experience in the New York City graffiti art movement. Inspired by subway graffiti kings NOC 167, BILLY 167, and LEE Quinones, SPAR began painting graffiti during the 1970s. His work could be seen on the streets and subways of New York. He was a member of popular graffiti crews such as The Fantastic Partners and The Non Stoppers. SPAR has exhibited his work in many formal venues including Black and White in Color Gallery, American Vision 145, MarcoArt, The New York Public Library and The Fun Gallery.

SPAR also creates unique graffiti-based set designs for the film and television industry. He is also the co-author of Graffiti New York, a comprehensive book on the New York City graffiti movement. CHECK IT OUT

Theophilus London - Flying Overseas [HD]


Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. Twitter Hits At Noon

I had the chance to go to DTF RADIO today and interview a good friend of mine named Radio. He currently runs his own internet radio show titled, "Twitter Hits At Noon" which airs Monday Through Friday from the hours of 12pm till 2pm. The show is basically a request line through twitter that enables listeners to hear some of their favorite songs to get their day going. Radio is great at what he does, he definitely applies the afternoon boost for his listeners while giving them all a shout out on their request. Surprisingly unlike most host he doesn't interrupt the music he lets his listeners really hear their request, while at the same time presenting them with the latest hits! His presence on air is dope, and the fact he gives a personal shout out to his viewers makes him quite noble as a on air host.

Radio has been on air since 2007 with the current DTF RADIO company, and has continued to entertain listeners everywhere averaging just about 100 listeners daily. Besides his position at DTF, Radio also runs his own website which consist of the newest and coolest stuff in the music world (preferably Hip Hop) . His respect for Hip Hop was influenced from Grafitti and Break Dancing as a teenager, this proved to be a great attribute toward his progression to his current profession. I listen to his show just about every day because its just that good! If your a twitter addict and want to wake up to some good tunes every afternoon tune into Twitter Hits At Noon with RADIO and he'll be sure to get your afternoon started right!

Clinton Sparks (Feat. Big Sean & Mike Posner) - Ambiguous Girl


B.o.B - Beast Mode

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reynos has put in his work over the past years and has collectively build his own fan base, he's most commonly known as the Washington Heights Veteran Rapper who began writing at the young age of eleven building a buzz for himself on the streets. By the the age of sixteen he began taking music more seriously and began recording tracks to try and get his voice heard. Although he's generally recognized as a Rapper he's quite well rounded as an artist who's not afraid to step outside the box in the name of making great music. Reynos is an innovator who plans on building, owning and creating more opportunities as an artist as well as a business man. It's safe to say he has a good grip on his goals in life and a stern handle on making his mark in the industry. Like most artist Reynos draws inspiration from every day life experiences and general issues we all tend to go through.

His opinion on the current state of Hip Hop was noble, "I think its great, still standing strong and its clearly not going away anytime soon. I love hip hop" which goes to show that unlike other bias artist Reynos can clearly role with the punches and reinvent himself easily as the game progresses. He even proved to be a the team player as he gave props to his Washington Heights comrades Jay Wise ,Heavy Doe & Putwork who he networks with regularly, and is proud to call his friends. His music continues to captivate and spread throughout the boroughs as he generates plays on HOT 97 and Power 105.1 . Reynos is currently working on a new mixtape titled, "What Do They Know"which features original production. He's currently reflecting on a lot of personal agendas which he will be voicing on this mixtape. The key to his craft is making music he connects with directly weather it be a hard record or an emotional record, party or even a fuck u pay me type of record.

Music plays a big role in the life of Reynos, he finds he can't go one day without singing a song in his head. Its easy to call him eclectic, as he can easily be jamming to Stained one moment and Omega the next. You can easily see the drive behind Reynos on his youtube page, he currently holds three videos with over ten thousand views which is dope. The great part about Reynos as an artist is that he takes the initiative to be himself in order to get his voice heard and make a difference. I personally believe that this mixtape will make an impact not only on his musical career but as well as the Washington Heights Hip Hop Scene which is lingering at this moment. When asked how he Get's Sauced Reynos replied, "Honestly when I'm in my lab I just sit down and listen to the beats and start to work. I'm big on drinking wine right now so I might have me a glass or two.. Ok maybe the whole bottle! But by the time I finish the bottle the track is done! haha".



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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PS...The Art Is Dope!

As I was going through my usual routine of looking for new talent online, I stumbled upon a very talented artist on all places but Twitter. The artist goes by the twitter name @PsImDope which is pretty accurate as far as her talent is concerned. She draws life like portraits of every day artist, preferably Rappers and other musicians alike. I find her work quite extravagant, especially since the majority of her work is visually amazing. Going through her work I stumbled upon a portrait she drew for artist Big Sean (pictured above) ,who received the art work and posted it on twitter for the world to see. Other artist include Curren$y & (also pictured above) who she boasted just gazed at her work yesterday for the first time via twitter.

Other artist she's had the pleasure of working with consist of Wale, Lady Gaga, J.Cole, Tyga, Chad Hugo along with the rest of N.E.R.D. and many others as well. Her work as a graphic designer and photographer also stand out and give @PsImDope an artistic edge. she's quite unique in her craft. I found it quite captivating how she came up with the visual for The All City Chess Club! That alone is a big accomplishment for an artist but a Hip Hop fan as well, her work is Impressive. Her most recent work includes a piece on avid weed smoker Wiz Khalifa (pictured above). You can check out her work on her Flickr page.


NEW JOINT! Carry It - Travis Barker (Featuring: Tom Morello, RZA & Raekwon)

Who The Hell Is Yelawolf?

Hip Hop fans have been talking, and the conversation has been steering toward 30 year old Alabama Native Yelawolf, who is set to release his first major album on November 22nd under Ghet-O-Vision/ Interscope Records. It's been a long road for Yelawolf who tried becoming a pro skateboarder a few years ago, but was forced to retire that dream due to too many injuries. Formally signed to Columbia Records in 2007, Yelawolf tried adapting and finding his niche but was later dropped that year after Rick Ruben decided he wasn't what they were looking for. For an artist to take criticism from the man who partially made Def Jam is a hard thing to do, but Yelawolf took it with pride took his music elsewhere. He began releasing independent mixtape's that same year and continued his quest for stardom.

In 2010 he made his first major appearance on Bizzarre's third studio album, "Friday Night at St. Andrews" which led to another collaboration this time with Big Boi on his respective first album on a song titled, "You Ain't No DJ". Andre 3000 managed to produce the record; This came as a shock to Yelawolf because he ranks Outkast as the greatest Rap group of all time. Surprises can be a bit overwhelming at times, most recently he had the chance to collaborate with Paul Wall on fifth studio album Heart of a Champion track "Live It" which also features Jay Electronica and Raekwon, produced by Travis Barker. His biggest hit record thus far is, "Pop The Trunk" which was shot on a true to the essence visual style in Yelawolf own backyard in Alabama.

The buzz began generating and in 2010 he was ultimately signed with Interscope Records. Which was a great accomplishment on his part, but does that leave way for Interscope to mold this young white rapper to another Eminem? Remember folks Yelawolf is avid fan of Eminem, and he's even admitted that he's his first priority as far as "dream collaborations" go. Among the collaborations and his earned acclaim as the newest "White Boy" in the rap scene, Yelawolf also managed to link up with Marijuana Socialite Wiz Khalifa on his "Waken Baken" tour which is practically selling out every venue across North America.

His anticipated album, "Trunk Muzik" is collectively in the works right now and fans are anxious to see what he will deliver. In my opinion Yelawolf is way better than Asher Roth as far as new comers go, and his savy lyrics and bright past will alow him to make his own lane in Hip Hop unless Interscope has another plan for him, Check out the video to his latest song, "I Just Wanna Party" featuring Gucci Mane.

The Underbelly Project: Illegal Secret Subway Art in NYC

It’s “an elusive pirate treasure of contemporary art” – an abandoned subway chamber under Manhattan that was illegally opened for a year starting in 2009 to allow 103 select artists to paint for one night each. Then it was sealed off from the world, the original entrance to the station removed. The Underbelly Project is a mysterious urban art experiment that seeks to subvert the commercialism that has overtaken much of the street art scene.

Whether left as a secret treasure for later generations to discover or ultimately ephemeral due to vandalism and decay, the Underbelly Project is certainly intriguing with its shadowy combination of urban exploration, abandoned spaces, secrecy and incredible works of art. Check out a full gallery at Gothamist.

Article Written By: STEPH

Monday, November 15, 2010

Theophilus London: Flying Over Seas

Trendsetter Theophilus London performed in Paris this past week, promoting his latest mixtape, "I Want You" hosted by Va$htie. Theophilus left New York City buzzing after his performance on November 12, as he promoted his latest single "Flying Over Seas" featuring Solange Knowles. The record has a great vibe to it, it inspires listeners to travel more often. His buzz began generating after his premier single "Hum Drum Town" began circling around, it has a new wave sound with an old school touch. His name alone is quite unique a mi

Theophilus is definitely on the rise as a young artist, making it cool amongst younger listeners to get a bit more class in their wardrobe and experiment with different music. He's currently signed to Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound which also houses The Cool Kids and Holy Ghost. Although he's gotten a lot of mixed reviews I personally believe his sound could take Pop music in a new direction. Check out Theophilus performance in New York City this past week.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Wake & Bake Tour Hits Times Square!

Last Night Wiz Khalifa came to New York City in part of the "Wake & Bake Tour" he's hosting and Killed this stage! Wiz had the chance to perform at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square which he sold out two months prior to the performance. He brought out several guest and friends on stage who alongside Wiz helped rock the show. Marijuana smoke quickly filled the air as he began his set, with Wiz even giving out joint paper to a few of his fans to share the Taylor Gang experience. Curren$y and Big Krit were brought on stage to perform, "Glass House" which proved to be a great suprise for his fans. The energy was definitely steaming across the room with the words "Taylor Gang" being chanted every 3 seconds, with the additional shoving by fellow fans to get a better look at Mr.Taylor Gang himself. The crowd went crazy when Wiz performed, "Black & Yellow ". It was a great show and Hip Hop experience for anyone who wasn't familiar with his music. #TaylorGang


On November 12 Jay Z hosted a party at a lavish New York City Club called "Box" in which the likes of Beyonce, Omarion and several other celebrities were in attendance as Jay quietly prepared to unveil his biggest announcement since Willow Smith being signed to Roc Nation. As the night let on somewhere around 10:15pm he quietly awaited as his audience settled in to announce his surprise. The lavish party included a three-ring circus that included sexy burlesque dancers, an aerial gymnast, a Russian hula-hoop master and a girl whose "talent" was having men shoot arrows at balloons that were strategically positioned over her privates. (NICE)

As the party went underway Jay Z stood up and made his announcement, New Orleans Rapper Jay Electronica would be joining the Roc Nation family. This came as a shocking surprise to many including Diddy who for the past year was mentoring Jay Electronica in hopes of signing him, to no avail. I guess Jay Z just made Jay Electronica an offer he couldn't refuse.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ace Marcano - "Demon/ Love Robot "

There's a new sound coming out of Brooklyn this November. Artist Ace Marcano has released his anticipated mixtape titled "Demon/ Love Robot" under Superb Records. The Buzz began generating over the Summer, and the mixtape was well under way for the Fall. His premier song "We Dine [Bonjour La Vie]" which is french for "Hello to Life" picked up fast among listeners all over the world and became recognized as a Hit from all his peers. I got a chance to sit in and listen to a live screening of "Demon/ Love Robot" with Ace this past week at a mutual friends apartment in Brooklyn. Although I heard several of the songs said to be released on the mixtape, I was still intrigued to hear the rest of the mixtape from Ace Marcano himself! This November and December Ace is looking to put a band together and record another mixtape, or as Ace put it "Everything New, Everything Better".

There's a mystical feeling to the music Ace produces, it's definitely a sound mainstream isn't all to familiar with yet. A track that signifies that is, "Digital Love" which has an upbeat Monday morning back to work feel. Ace jokingly compared the beat to a cable sitcom theme song which was hilarious, the song definitely makes you want to groove! The next hit on the roster was, "3 Missed Calls" which was a story of being in relations with an older female while avoiding becoming serious. This song came naturally to Ace, as well as the title which was cleverly put if I may say so myself. His presence on this song is powerful, he gives his audience the pleasure to get to know him. I couldn't help to notice the soul embedded in each record I heard. My favorite track besides the popular, "We Dine [Bonjour La Vie] " has to be "Something About Us". The song has a theme as if Jazz meets spoken word, its intellectually diverse. The amount of love he has for music is visible on every bar, let alone his catchy chorus. Ace mentioned to me that the Radio taught him to be eclectic, although his sound stands out from them all.

Back in July I had a chance to go to one of Ace Marcano's show cases in Downtown Manhattan, he performed, "Cloud 9" the theme being two people who feel what they have is too good to be true. Its very inspiring and it makes you think of the first few weeks of a fresh relationship. The coolest single on "Demon/ Love Robot" was "Slow Smoking" a tribute to the cures Marijuana offers. There is a sample during the bridge of the song which Bob Marley says "Weed is a Herb" showing relevance to its honest usage. Any smoker can find himself uploading this to their playlist quickly, that goes to say for the rest of the mixtape as well. Another favorite of mine was "Dance, Dance, Dance" featuring Lykke Li , which I featured on my previous blog post as a Classic. The song was a story of a reunion between a couple who went Through a bad relationship, and they somehow find a way to get in contact. The answer behind making up is usually sex and connection this song expresses that exceptionally well.

This Summer he shot a promotional video in Philadelphia titled, "Demon/ Love Robot: Daydreamer" which was narrated by artist Justin Morris. The video reached into the real Ace Marcano, a behind the music like feel. This gave Ace's fans and viewers a chance to understand him better, and get to know what inspired the music on his mixtape. The premier song behind the theme was, "Demons Call" which is a metaphorical song detailing how the conscience always plays a part in bad decisions. The lyrics were cleverly put together and gave base for a great record. Other records like "Sweet Get Away, Take It Off, and Lets Make Love" all gave great vibes and showed to be great Jams. Ace recently had the chance to co star in a Music Video with Rapper Mikey Jay titled, "Can't Change Me". As Ace Marcano continues to progress on his quest to be heard by the masses, he still finds time to touch basis with his core audience. A core song I found he kept true to himself and his craft, was "Struggling Artist" which was very heartfelt and showed a variety of emotion in each category. Ace manages to give you full sight, inside the life of aspiring artist and his every day struggle to make it.

Its easy to understand how we all have demons that linger in our thoughts or in our every day decisions. Its hard to fight them off at times but we must persist and try to reach our goals. Ace Marcano has expressed that through this inspiring mixtape which I recommend to anyone who truly loves music. Each song has a story behind it, making it easy for you to see who Ace Marcano is and where he comes from. His grind is also a big factor behind his music, he is the infinitive Robot in the mixtape title. The most important thing this mixtape gives the listener is the simple reminder to remember to "LOVE" and keep living life as best as you can.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kanye's Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: 5th Studio Album

We all took notice of the Kanye West POWER Takeover this Fall as he continued to release GOOD Music each Friday on his Blog , cleverly titling it GOOD FRIDAYS. It was definitely appreciated by listeners all over as Kanye collectively gathered his album and worked on what we call "Dream collaborations". As the countdown continues till November 22nd we all wait in anticipation for the first peek of the NEW album. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted fantasy" is a pretty strait forward title, you can tell this album came from a different part of Kanye's musical barrier. There are still songs on the album we have yet to hear, such as "Hell of a life, Lost in the world and Who will Survive in America". Kanye recently had the chance to visit the Today Show with reporter Matt Lauer, who badgered Kanye on recent comments on former President Bush. This caused Kanye to backlash on twitter stating, "I came in there with a positive attitude, All the media wants to do is flip the story!" It can be quite overbearing sometimes for an artist to stay on a positive track, with negativity riding you everywhere like the wind. If Kanye's First Class performance wasn't a sign of being positive then what is? Non the less we are all very anxious to hear "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and try to understand what Kanye West is thinking these days.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who is Mr.Rager?

Kid Cudi is due to release his second studio album on November 9, titled " Man on the Moon II : The Legend of Mr.Rager. The album features the likes of Mary J. Blidge, Kanye West and Nicole Wray which all deliver great vibes on each track. The album was broken up into four parts, each portraying a different side of Cudi. The buzz over the album started back in June when the song "Erase Me" featuring Kanye West was debuted over a Cleveland Radio station. Everything since the songs release has prooved to be timeless, the introduction was a great flashback towards Cudi's Moon Man theme. Scott Mescudi vs. the World was the first song featuring Cee-Lo Green, I found it dope and real nonchalant. The recent news about Cudi's cocaine habits haven't really belittled his music, if anything its made it more felt. In the song, "Mojo So Dope" he said "Damn you must understand what I'm speaking about songs Is how I really am, Yeah! This is how I really think you can see what I see I really think" as if he managed to give you his eyes for a second.

As the album played on I noticed the trance Cudi kept on each song. The flow was as if he were taking you on a trip, pretty cool shit. A real heartfelt track I loved was, "All Alone" which was just him speaking of going the distance and facing your encounters by yourself. Kanye West has even gone as far to say that Kid Cudi is one of his favorite artist, despite the fact he's on his GOOD Music Label. There was a definite drug influence endowed in the album along with a alcoholic presence, which was most famously seen on WSHH. The song "Marijuana" spoke for itself, he definitely caught the essence of the pleasant addiction. The the comedic lyrics of the popular, "Ashin' Kusher" made them both my favorite songs making them an iPod must; Trust Me! The mystery behind the album was the production by Emile whom I've never heard of. The good thing about Kid Cudi is that no matter where he is, he takes it upon himself to be himself. Who is Mr.Rager? Take a listen and find out. Check out this twenty minute documentary behind the making of "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr.Rager".

The General known as Desert Eagle

With new seasons come new opportunities, and this has proved to be true for 21 year old Rapper Desert Eagle from Washington Heights. This past summer Desert Eagle most commonly known as "Dezzy" managed to resurface and find a new approach to his craft, which he constantly works on from day to day. This July Dezzy began recording a series of tracks for his first Mixtape, "The Eye of The Eagle" along with a few collaborations with fellow artist SPADE and Jay Yung from HTS Records. Although his wait is long overdue, the knowledge and skills that he has learned along the way have not gone unnoticed. In 2007 Dezzy was recruited by G-UNIT Records to lead the street promotion team for Manhattan for the CURTIS project 50 Cent was working on that August. This experience has taught Dezzy a few core principals which have allowed him to progress as an artist. Most recently Dezzy linked up with an R&B artist named, "Shirley" to record a feel good record which they will be performing Tomorrow night at Iguana's Lounge on 54st between 8th Avenue & Broadway. The doors open at 8:00pm and the show starts at 9:00. The Entrance fee is $10 this will be Desert Eagle's first performance so please come out an support!