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Friday, July 23, 2010

Belle Of The Ball ( Video Art Show)

After about an hour of looking for the venue, I came across Park Central Hotel on 56st and Seventh Ave where the event was taking place. Unfortunately due to poor directions I missed the first three opening performances. I did although manage to see the final artist named Irvin Morazan perform his piece of Video Art titled, "Thunder Personification". The music was very intense and had a "Trance" like feel to it. I can definitely picture myself meditating to his music on a stressful day doing Yoga or something cheesy like that. The visuals were very psychedelic and slightly subliminal as I and a few of my colleagues came to notice. During the finally of Morazan's presentation we noticed images of sunflowers in the same detailed coloring and pattern of the BP logo, being displayed in front of a black back drop as spurts of liquid guzzled out of a pipe. I'm no expert but that definitely look like a direct attack at BP and their failed attempts to fix their mistakes.
Sometime after Irvin Morazan's presentation, I took notice of several televisions set up with other displays of Video Art from other artist. I took a look at three separate displays before I realized I was not impressed . The show ended with me walking out the venue,due to the fact the final Visual display was tasteless and vulgar to say the least. The finally consisted of one guitarist playing some tunes as two naked men pranced around him like schoolkids playing Ring Around The Rosey. Many of the spectators stepped out of the venue as well, I just found it careless and meaningless as far as Art was concerned. I still question myself as to why I didn't leave after I saw Irvin Morazan perform his Video display.

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