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Friday, February 25, 2011

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cee Money - Michael Jackson (Video Shoot) In The L.E.S.

It was a great day in the Lower East Side As Cee Money Rapped Up his latest Video Shoot for the track titled MICHEAL JACKSON. The track was the ultimate form of homage to the late great artist who showed us all how to believe in greatness and reaching the masses. Cee shot the video on location by Columbia and Delancy street with FUM Life's @BeardsXFreckles Directing the project. I managed to link up with The Lower East Side's own Profecy who showed love and also made a cameo appearance on the video.

It was a great enviroment to shoot and the weather was perfect to say the least, talks of collaborations between Cee and Profecy arose a few times. The FUM was definetly in the building supporting Cee and his project. Everyone is excited to hear them on a record together because they both have so much to bring to the table, if you haven't heard SALUTE yet with them both get in the loop!! Cee is definitely on his grind and knows what he wants to do. His appearence is definetlly on par as he commented, "I can never wear this outfit again, this is an official outfit killer". He sure knows how to keep everything nonchalant and fun.

The Video went off without a hitch and the shots were done with great patience and enthusiasm. I'm quite positive the project will come out according to plan and Cee will drop it sooner than later. Stay tuned for Cee's next video dropping Next Week!!!

Kanye West - All of the lights (Music Video) ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi

Tattoos & Interviews

GetSaucedTV was on the set of Pedro's Tattoo shop today on 173 street & Saint Nicholas with Rapper Casino Putwork as he was getting some work done on his sleeve.We had the privilege to sit in while as they interviewed Pedro on his craft and how he goes about choosing his signature style and preference in his art work.Pedro is currently trying to get his website up and running for all to see his extensive art work.

Casino picked the rest of the theme for his King of New York theme on his sleeve which consisted of The Statue of Liberty recording on a classic microphone over the city lights. It was a positive effort and the interview should be up on YouTube soon enough I'll keep you posted! Till then check out Casino Putwork's Music @

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stop Sleepin All Day Get Ya Paper Up!

You couldn't ask for a better day to shoot a video in New York City. I had the liberty of being on the cast of Cee Money's latest video, "Paper Up" Which was shot on location In Queens as well as 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Photographer @LuxxDeluxe on the scene making the video come to life, capturing the essence of the song in full effect. Cee had a great sence of what he wanted to accomplish, making sure his vision was properly distributed bar for bar. " The time is now, this year Is gonna be crazy shit is over! Get on ya Grind! " Which is something Cee mutterd as we walked to Rockerfeller Center to capture scenes for the second verse.

Cee Money has consistantly continued to produce music and remain relevant, the past two weeks have been inrediblly productive and instrumental toward the completion of his next project titled, " There's Something About Mary" which is said to be released soon. His latest video titled, WE FLY was shot this past week in recognition for the intro to DJ LAZY K latest mixtape GET USED TO THE FUTURE 2011. The dedication behind his craft and progression is currently on fire, Cee isn't letting anything block his creative view and direction. It's easy to get sidetracked these days with everyhing that's going on yet Cee manages to keep a steady focus and a dedicated attitude towards reaching his goals.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you wanna make it you have to Putwork!

It's been a few months since Casino Putwork has impacted the streets, but now he's back and this time he's hungry as ever! His original mixtape debut has been under wraps for quite sometime, which has enabled Putwork to gravitate around this project and perfect it piece by piece. The original title was "Fuck Your Mixtape" which most fans found humorous and direct. After much thought he decided to change it because he wanted the title to reflect his work ethic, and better connect himself with his image. After much thought he cleverly named it, "Self Employed" which empowers his image and stands for his true values. The amount of work he has put into this project speaks in numbers, especially in his hometown of Washington Heights, New York. Fans from all sides eagerly await to hear the latest hit from Putwork Which I can say will captivate a good audience given the fact Putwork is known for his shocking remarks and in your face approach.

I myself had the chance to hear a variety of songs that will find themselves on the mixtape, and I like what I heard. He's currently working with a few fellow artist like Reynos & Heavy DOe on new material which you will get soon, be patient the mixtape debut is May 26!

For more info follow Putwork