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Friday, July 9, 2010

Casino Putwork

With a title like "Fuck Your Mixtape", It's hard not to pay attention to up and coming Rapper Casino Putwork who resides from Washington Heights, New York. I had a chance to speak with Casino and hear him voice some of his views and opinions towards the Rap Game. "Hate is something that comes with this life style" something Casino uttered as we spoke, which I found so true. Casino is known all throughout Washington Heights for having a very nonchalant attitude and saying some outrageous statements in and out the booth. When asked who his favorite rapper was he replied, "My favorite rapper is me!" proving confidence is key. Growing up in Manhattan Casino had the chance to meet and collaborate with an assortment of artist, ranging from Lu Banga formally of D-Block to Spanish Hip-Hop Artists J Mil & Amperaje. after working mainly as a solo artist Casino saw rising talent in many of his peers, giving him the idea to create his own movement which is Street Life Entertainment. Despite the fact Casino is in it to win it, he is also in to help Washington Heights Get on the map and establish itself as a benefactor in the New York Hip-Hop scene. With about nine years of talent under his belt he's on the fast track to the Money as he likes to put it ( lol) and no one is getting in his way. With his first hit single titled, "I will never loose" which is said to drop sometime in August whose to say he won't make it?

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