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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Profecy's Video Shoot For " What Ya Life Like"

The Lower East Side is heating up this summer as local Rapper Profecy continues to work on his Mix tape, "Make You A Believer". I attended the making of his video, "What ya life like" and saw the movement behind his music and the influence he possesses over The Lower East Side. Videographer Seb-Young shot the video, you may recognize Seb for the first video he shot with Profecy in it which received fifteen hundred views in its first week! Many spectators began tuning in as Profecy began performing, the love even proved to be a little distracting as a few fans grabbed his attention, nonetheless he got back to the music.I could see that Profecy's direction has elevated since his first video, his wordplay skills have grown sharper and his Buzz is spreading like a wild fire. DJ Laser and Rapper Cee Money made cameos in the video as well, in light of the event everyone was getting Sauced. You could tell how focused Profecy was as he took over every shot with his charismatic energy, he even managed to jump into a public Freestyle on the way to one of the locations where he planned to shoot some scenes. While speaking to Profecy I had to let him know that his honesty is one of his best traits, and his realism solidifies his personality as a Artist. It isn't hard to see the potential in Profecy, just take a listen to his music and you too will become a believer.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Young Spade

Known for his superior verbalism, Spade managed to get himself known in the underground Hip-Hop scene by being charismatic and jumping into cyphers. His versatility is instilled in every line he delivers. His influences include, “Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, Curren$y, and Travis McCoy along with the Gym Class Heroes”. I had a chance to parlay with Spade and smoke a few Blunts over Travis McCoy’s “Who Is Bernie Allen” Mixtape. We spoke about life, weed, women and friends, but most importantly music.

Spade is currently working on his first Mixtape titled, “Hustlin’ To Survive (The Piff Tape)” which is said to be released this Fall. There’s something in Spade that goes unnoticed, he’s intricate so it allows him to switch up his flow at any given moment. As we spoke about the diversity in music nowadays, Spade said something tome that stuck. “If your ears like what they’re hearing then your brain will follow”, that phrase sat well with me because it can be applied to so many lessons in life.

As Spade’s Buzz continues to grow as a Rapper, he manages to stay connected to his fans through social networks such as Tumblr, Myspace and Twitter. He is also working on establishing his own Record Label known as H.T.S Records []. I see dedication in Spade, his drive to make it in Hip-Hop is there, there is no doubt about it. A lot of young Rappers these days are only focused on making money and obtaining Fame. Spade has a voice that needs to be heard or as he said,

“As long as I’m alive and get to experience shit Ima express it through my Music”.

Mixtape Of The Week

Mixtape of the week goes to New MIllie's "The Prince of The City VOLUME II" Hosted by DJ Kool Kid. New Millie brought own style on each track along with a few skits with Poobs from D-Block, its real animated yet gritty. The first track that captured my attention was the Freestyle with Styles P, both artist went in!! The hype behind each track was well though out, making me listen more closely. A track titled "Long Day" with Akon was weak to say the least, they could of picked a better beat. Although a lot of the features on the Mixtape weren't solidified as good tracks,most of his best music was heard on his solo or sampled tracks. One track that specifically caught my attention was, "talk Thru Us" which was a Notorious BIG voice sampled from the album Ready To Die. "Ease The Pain" was the track I was looking for, the track with actual emotion and depth. "Lite That Up"proved to be a good track as it pointed my high in the right direction, his lyrics were well thought out as he laid each individual verse. His buzz over seas must play well, each track presses his Middle Eastern influence and his lavish habit of crashing BMW 750's for fun. DJ Cool Kid did a good job with the line up, and the hype to say the least. New Millie brought that Middle Eastern Swagger Hip-Hop has been questioning since Busta Rhymes dropped Arab Money with Ron Browz. If you want to know more about New Millie go to

Jacina Love

I took a trip to DTF Radio this week with up and coming Rapper Cee Money to be on,"Jacina Love's Top Ten Countdown". The show is hosted by the one and only Jacina Love who is known for her spunky personality and her positive attitude on the radio. After her interview with Cee Money, I myself got to sit down and ask Jacina a few questions. I wanted to let the viewers to know how talented and dedicated she is, even picking up the Tuesday slot completing the weekday rundown. Jacina's show goes on EVERY WEEK DAY AT 4PM, and with the voice and the beauty Jacina has she could easily be the next Angie Martinez.

Jacina has a good direction towards her goal of becoming a well known radio personality, she also has a lot of presence which is a great attribute for a hostess. Her spontaneous catch phrases solidify who she really is, it makes others recognize her positivity. "I don't give Shouts I give Hugs" was something easily recognizable as,"Yo! Jacina said that" which was cute. You can easily hear Jacina's Puerto Rican swagger on air, which is one her best assets and something she's loved for and fully supported for. Although her personality as a radio host is proving to be a success, Jacina's ambition doesn't stop there. Jacina also has an aspiring career in acting and television as well, so don't be surprised to see her on the big screen one day. I personally believe everyone should live by this one quote Jacina says everyday at the end of her show, "Do what you love, love what you do, live, laugh and love".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rick Ross - B.M.F. ft. Styles P

Young Tails

On the Internet he's known as "The Bad Guy", but in actuality he's a pretty cool guy. His personality is similar to Gerald from the kids show "Hey Arnold", he's the type of guy who has every ones attention but is always just viewed as the funny friend. "Its a million in one shot that I'll make it, if I don't make it in the Rap Game I'll go into Radio Broadcasting". Young Tails is currently enrolled in his Senior year at Penn State University pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism, he's actually looking forward toward earning his Masters Degree. Most Rappers these days forget the importance of a good education, and the doors that can open when they obtain a degree. Although he's known as an outspoken funny man, Young Tails feels that his intentions are quite often misunderstood as a mean person. In reality he only wants to create a positive impact on his peers and make sure everyone around his circle gets a good laugh. As I got to get familiar with his Mix tape play list, he said his Top Five Emcee's of all time consisted of, " Jadakiss, Eminem, 50 Cent, Loyyd Banks and Young Jeezy". I don't know about Loyyd Banks being on a Top Five list yet, but everyone has their preference in great music right?

Young Tails released three Mix tapes so far which you can download for FREE off He's always had a great reaction with his fans when it came to his music, but since the release of his last Mix tape "The Pressure" it seems he's put a delay on his Rapping career, why? For now Tails is currently working on a novel titled, "Faith and Sight" based on a young mans struggle to find direction in his faith. The novel according to Tails is a, "Constantine like drama with a lot of dark humor", I guess it's a good look being he's in school for journalism and all.As I listened to his last mix tape "The Pressure" I discovered that his music is quite relative to the obstacles many of us average people deal with or fight for in life. I think his wittiness and forward attitude is what solidifies his image as a Rapper. I'm sure his fans would appreciate some new music, the world needs more people they can relate to.

"The same people who judge me for my way of thinking are the same people who will pay a penny for my thoughts" - Young Tails

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back in the day marijuana was most commonly smoked with joint paper or with a
personal pipe. Although those methods are still common amongst smokers, a lot
has changed since then. Now in days its more likely for you to find a fellow
Stoner using a Bong or a Tobacco product to roll up what we call a Blunt. Many different types of Blunts are used like, "Dutches,White Owls, Phillies, and Swishers". I've smoked my fair share of weed in New York City throughout the course of my young life and came to the conclusion that out here "Dutches" are like Visa - accepted every where. More recently I've been seeing a lot of attention going towards The Vaporizer, more commonly referred to as "The Vape". The Vape allows you to inhale the majority of the THC from the weed into your system, its also a good tool to have if your trying to hide the smoke, or so I've heard. Some people even prefer the taste of fruit while they smoke, apples and melons are common fruits used to smoke.The new generation is lucky, they get things like "Blunt Wraps and Bluntvilles" to slowly teach them how to roll.
It's funny how the influences of modern society sometimes govern our decisions
on what to use when we smoke. For instance, if Bob Marley was alive, would more people smoke Joints? Can someone who only smoke's Blunts and Joints transition to Bongs or The Vape as easily? At the end of the day all I can say is, it's all based on your comfort zone and your influences. I believe it's nice to smoke with something different every now and then, but sticking to what you smoke works best and as long as your smoking, who cares right?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Belle Of The Ball ( Video Art Show)

After about an hour of looking for the venue, I came across Park Central Hotel on 56st and Seventh Ave where the event was taking place. Unfortunately due to poor directions I missed the first three opening performances. I did although manage to see the final artist named Irvin Morazan perform his piece of Video Art titled, "Thunder Personification". The music was very intense and had a "Trance" like feel to it. I can definitely picture myself meditating to his music on a stressful day doing Yoga or something cheesy like that. The visuals were very psychedelic and slightly subliminal as I and a few of my colleagues came to notice. During the finally of Morazan's presentation we noticed images of sunflowers in the same detailed coloring and pattern of the BP logo, being displayed in front of a black back drop as spurts of liquid guzzled out of a pipe. I'm no expert but that definitely look like a direct attack at BP and their failed attempts to fix their mistakes.
Sometime after Irvin Morazan's presentation, I took notice of several televisions set up with other displays of Video Art from other artist. I took a look at three separate displays before I realized I was not impressed . The show ended with me walking out the venue,due to the fact the final Visual display was tasteless and vulgar to say the least. The finally consisted of one guitarist playing some tunes as two naked men pranced around him like schoolkids playing Ring Around The Rosey. Many of the spectators stepped out of the venue as well, I just found it careless and meaningless as far as Art was concerned. I still question myself as to why I didn't leave after I saw Irvin Morazan perform his Video display.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ace Marcano

Pop Music is about to be introduced to a breath of fresh air, and his name is Ace Marcano. With the majority of sounds being repeated or altered these days, Ace has managed to find his own sound and tune it to our generations frequency. "You can't be scared to be yourself if you want to make it" as Ace expressed his opinion on most artist these days trying to make it in The Music Industry. We spoke about some of his up and coming projects,such as his Mixtape titled "Demon/Love Robot" which is said to be released some time in August, we also spoke about the concepts of some of the songs he's written. There's a soulful vibe in Ace's music that isn't felt anymore these days, something about it just makes you want to relax and let go of the reality's of life for a second. One song in particular, "Dance, Dance, Dance" caught my attention as if the record was subliminally telling me to, "chill out". The record also features Lykke Li who's recorded with the likes of Drake on his So Far Gone Mixtape. I recently attended one of Ace's listening parties and the crowds reaction was phenomenal! I can definitely see where the magic he kept speaking of falls in the picture, I see great potential in Ace to become one of the most recognized voices of our generation. Once you take a listen to his New Mixtape you will understand there is no reason to doubt the one they call Ace Marcano.

The Universe...As we know it.

Ever look up in the night sky and wonder, "what's up there?" There are millions of stars in The Milky Way Galaxy that emit energy to millions of planets within each stars solar system. Each star in The Universe has on average four planets orbiting it, meaning there's more planets than stars in our universe. Think of it like this, there's more planets in our universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth! As we focus on the present state of our solar system, The Universe continues to expand right before our eyes. In fact, as The Universe expands it actually becomes quit clear that The Universe itself is quite vast. It takes Light year's for the light of all stars to reach Earth, therefor what we see is a fragment of what that star looked like at that time when the light of that star was emitted towards earth. Remember one Light year is about six million miles, so if you see it how I see it every time you look at the night sky you see a reflection of the past. We might not be able to go into the future yet but at least we can see into the past, how cool is that?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Roots LIVE In Brooklyn!!!

Known as the most soulful group in Hip-Hop, The Roots played "Free Show" this past week in Prospect Park. The stands quickly filled up as the buzz began to spread throughout the Internet of a "Free Roots show in Brooklyn". The musical atmosphere was melodic and care free, as if Woodstock met Brooklyn somewhere down the line. Several acts took the stage after The Roots opened the show, the smell of Weed was in the air. One group in particular captured my attention, "The Lazy Eye Crew" who came all the way from Ghana to play at the show that night. The Lazy Eye Crew Brought Samba and Bu bu Music that blended together to create a very up-beat sound. The crowd was live and full of excitement, being that Spain won The World Cup earlier that day. The atmosphere was set to for having a great time, half of the the crowd was lighting up Herb. After about six acts were performed and the kush cloud went down, The Roots took the stage and began their set. Roots member Black Thought began hitting the crowd with lyrical bombs as he opened the show! About ten minutes in to their performance, suddenly Talib Kweli bursts out to the stage as fans flooded towards him. The Brooklyn bred MC preformed the smash hits "How Do You Like It" & "Just To Get By". He most definitely blessed the mic then giving it back to The Roots for the rest of the show. The Roots then preformed several of their various hits but the majority of their music came from their new album, "How I Got Over". Tuba player Damon Bryson made sure his sound was heard as he frantically jumped from each side of the stage as he played.Black Thought lyrically murdered each verse as the show continued on. Fans even rhymed every word as he went along while lead guitarist, Captain Kirk Douglas and drummer, ?uestlove began playing "Sweet Child of Mine" as a tribute to the legendary Guns and Roses. They then ended the night off within encore to each member of the band, as Black Thought delivered an intense acapella. The Roots played a great show in Brooklyn that night, bringing back the soul that Hip-Hop was missing for so long. It was a perfect night for music to say the least. Their new album "How I Got Over" is an instant classic and I strongly recommend it to anybody that is a true fan of the culture.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Casino Putwork

With a title like "Fuck Your Mixtape", It's hard not to pay attention to up and coming Rapper Casino Putwork who resides from Washington Heights, New York. I had a chance to speak with Casino and hear him voice some of his views and opinions towards the Rap Game. "Hate is something that comes with this life style" something Casino uttered as we spoke, which I found so true. Casino is known all throughout Washington Heights for having a very nonchalant attitude and saying some outrageous statements in and out the booth. When asked who his favorite rapper was he replied, "My favorite rapper is me!" proving confidence is key. Growing up in Manhattan Casino had the chance to meet and collaborate with an assortment of artist, ranging from Lu Banga formally of D-Block to Spanish Hip-Hop Artists J Mil & Amperaje. after working mainly as a solo artist Casino saw rising talent in many of his peers, giving him the idea to create his own movement which is Street Life Entertainment. Despite the fact Casino is in it to win it, he is also in to help Washington Heights Get on the map and establish itself as a benefactor in the New York Hip-Hop scene. With about nine years of talent under his belt he's on the fast track to the Money as he likes to put it ( lol) and no one is getting in his way. With his first hit single titled, "I will never loose" which is said to drop sometime in August whose to say he won't make it?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Light Up" Video Shoot with Profecy & Elite

I recently had the chance to shoot the behind the scenes footage for Profecy & Elite's first video titled, "Light Up" which took place in the Lower East Side (L.E.S.) of Manhattan. The song which is originally Drake's somehow caught their attention and the rest was history. Both Profecy and Elite showed dedication, effort and respect throughout the coarse of the video shoot, paying homage to incarcerated love ones as well as those who've passed away. I was definitely impressed by the outcome of people who came to support them both for their first video it's a good look for them. I managed to get some footage of Profecy and Elite kicking freestyles after the public kept pleading for some raw talent, proving they have what it takes to feed the game. I was honestly impressed with them both, they were very subtle and down to earth yet stern and dedicated with a vibe that read "the rap game will soon be mine". Elite and Profecy are very talented, and their dedication towards making it as MC's is undeniable. They both want to be recognized as the faces of Hip-Hop for The L.E.S. which is a goal I see them reaching in due time. they both have the potential to be great, for now their just Legends In The Making.