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Monday, July 26, 2010

Back in the day marijuana was most commonly smoked with joint paper or with a
personal pipe. Although those methods are still common amongst smokers, a lot
has changed since then. Now in days its more likely for you to find a fellow
Stoner using a Bong or a Tobacco product to roll up what we call a Blunt. Many different types of Blunts are used like, "Dutches,White Owls, Phillies, and Swishers". I've smoked my fair share of weed in New York City throughout the course of my young life and came to the conclusion that out here "Dutches" are like Visa - accepted every where. More recently I've been seeing a lot of attention going towards The Vaporizer, more commonly referred to as "The Vape". The Vape allows you to inhale the majority of the THC from the weed into your system, its also a good tool to have if your trying to hide the smoke, or so I've heard. Some people even prefer the taste of fruit while they smoke, apples and melons are common fruits used to smoke.The new generation is lucky, they get things like "Blunt Wraps and Bluntvilles" to slowly teach them how to roll.
It's funny how the influences of modern society sometimes govern our decisions
on what to use when we smoke. For instance, if Bob Marley was alive, would more people smoke Joints? Can someone who only smoke's Blunts and Joints transition to Bongs or The Vape as easily? At the end of the day all I can say is, it's all based on your comfort zone and your influences. I believe it's nice to smoke with something different every now and then, but sticking to what you smoke works best and as long as your smoking, who cares right?

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