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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mixtape Of The Week

Mixtape of the week goes to New MIllie's "The Prince of The City VOLUME II" Hosted by DJ Kool Kid. New Millie brought own style on each track along with a few skits with Poobs from D-Block, its real animated yet gritty. The first track that captured my attention was the Freestyle with Styles P, both artist went in!! The hype behind each track was well though out, making me listen more closely. A track titled "Long Day" with Akon was weak to say the least, they could of picked a better beat. Although a lot of the features on the Mixtape weren't solidified as good tracks,most of his best music was heard on his solo or sampled tracks. One track that specifically caught my attention was, "talk Thru Us" which was a Notorious BIG voice sampled from the album Ready To Die. "Ease The Pain" was the track I was looking for, the track with actual emotion and depth. "Lite That Up"proved to be a good track as it pointed my high in the right direction, his lyrics were well thought out as he laid each individual verse. His buzz over seas must play well, each track presses his Middle Eastern influence and his lavish habit of crashing BMW 750's for fun. DJ Cool Kid did a good job with the line up, and the hype to say the least. New Millie brought that Middle Eastern Swagger Hip-Hop has been questioning since Busta Rhymes dropped Arab Money with Ron Browz. If you want to know more about New Millie go to

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