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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Light Up" Video Shoot with Profecy & Elite

I recently had the chance to shoot the behind the scenes footage for Profecy & Elite's first video titled, "Light Up" which took place in the Lower East Side (L.E.S.) of Manhattan. The song which is originally Drake's somehow caught their attention and the rest was history. Both Profecy and Elite showed dedication, effort and respect throughout the coarse of the video shoot, paying homage to incarcerated love ones as well as those who've passed away. I was definitely impressed by the outcome of people who came to support them both for their first video it's a good look for them. I managed to get some footage of Profecy and Elite kicking freestyles after the public kept pleading for some raw talent, proving they have what it takes to feed the game. I was honestly impressed with them both, they were very subtle and down to earth yet stern and dedicated with a vibe that read "the rap game will soon be mine". Elite and Profecy are very talented, and their dedication towards making it as MC's is undeniable. They both want to be recognized as the faces of Hip-Hop for The L.E.S. which is a goal I see them reaching in due time. they both have the potential to be great, for now their just Legends In The Making.

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