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Friday, July 30, 2010

Jacina Love

I took a trip to DTF Radio this week with up and coming Rapper Cee Money to be on,"Jacina Love's Top Ten Countdown". The show is hosted by the one and only Jacina Love who is known for her spunky personality and her positive attitude on the radio. After her interview with Cee Money, I myself got to sit down and ask Jacina a few questions. I wanted to let the viewers to know how talented and dedicated she is, even picking up the Tuesday slot completing the weekday rundown. Jacina's show goes on EVERY WEEK DAY AT 4PM, and with the voice and the beauty Jacina has she could easily be the next Angie Martinez.

Jacina has a good direction towards her goal of becoming a well known radio personality, she also has a lot of presence which is a great attribute for a hostess. Her spontaneous catch phrases solidify who she really is, it makes others recognize her positivity. "I don't give Shouts I give Hugs" was something easily recognizable as,"Yo! Jacina said that" which was cute. You can easily hear Jacina's Puerto Rican swagger on air, which is one her best assets and something she's loved for and fully supported for. Although her personality as a radio host is proving to be a success, Jacina's ambition doesn't stop there. Jacina also has an aspiring career in acting and television as well, so don't be surprised to see her on the big screen one day. I personally believe everyone should live by this one quote Jacina says everyday at the end of her show, "Do what you love, love what you do, live, laugh and love".

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