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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ace Marcano

Pop Music is about to be introduced to a breath of fresh air, and his name is Ace Marcano. With the majority of sounds being repeated or altered these days, Ace has managed to find his own sound and tune it to our generations frequency. "You can't be scared to be yourself if you want to make it" as Ace expressed his opinion on most artist these days trying to make it in The Music Industry. We spoke about some of his up and coming projects,such as his Mixtape titled "Demon/Love Robot" which is said to be released some time in August, we also spoke about the concepts of some of the songs he's written. There's a soulful vibe in Ace's music that isn't felt anymore these days, something about it just makes you want to relax and let go of the reality's of life for a second. One song in particular, "Dance, Dance, Dance" caught my attention as if the record was subliminally telling me to, "chill out". The record also features Lykke Li who's recorded with the likes of Drake on his So Far Gone Mixtape. I recently attended one of Ace's listening parties and the crowds reaction was phenomenal! I can definitely see where the magic he kept speaking of falls in the picture, I see great potential in Ace to become one of the most recognized voices of our generation. Once you take a listen to his New Mixtape you will understand there is no reason to doubt the one they call Ace Marcano.

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