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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who Said They Were Retro's?

Back in the day we would pay $100 - $150 on a pair of quality Retro Jordan's, unfortunately that hasn't changed much. Although prices may have stayed the same the quality and the features have not changed. When the Retro eleven's were released the patent leather material was stronger and less likely to crease in the front, now in days they crease immediately after their first time worn. Many Sneaker heads would agree that not only the quality of the material of the Retro has declined but the designs that been coming out more recently aren't making any noise either. Although the Retro Jordan brand is trying to appeal to a younger more athletic demographic, the truth of the matter is people with jobs buy the sneakers. The original buyers and users of the Retro are fashion conscientious people who are willing to spend that amount of money on a classic brand. The creators and designers at Jordan should put more effort towards the Retro's being that's what built the Jordan Foundation. We grew up idolizing Micheal Jordan for his quality skills in Basketball that's why we bought Retro because we wanted to play and style in high quality. The Jordan company owes its dedicated retro fans and good sneaker, maybe I'm just speaking out loud but The Jordan Brand Needs to step it up!

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