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Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Pass That" - Word Play of The Week

This is the 3rd verse from a song about weed by a young aspiring
writer named Mona S. At only 16 years old, she's managed to take
the inspiration her brother Spade instilled in her, to develop
a voice of her own.

Pass that, & don't give it two thoughts/
Probably the most famous thing that's sought/
As long as we proceed to seek & retrieve/
Don't you wonder who planted the first seed?/
Look what it lead to, I prolly woulda done it too/
Without thinkin' it thru, it reveals yourself to you/
It was made for us, thus, marijuana grows/
So we just continue to puff, puff, pass the dro/
Our ablazed drained brain right after the haze/
Crossin' our fingers a little hopin' the vibe stays/
We hypnotized as soon as we see the lighter/
As the flame creates, our life gets brighter/
Damn man, & I'm just bein' blunt cus/
The feelin' be zoomin' thru from our feet up/
Bring up the L to yuh lips & tongue/
Just close your eyes & your mind for once.../

To read the rest of Mona S.' song "Pass That" here is the link.


  1. Nice chula!! <3 I like your lyrics :D.

  2. yo this my primita lol shit is tuff i wanna keep reading ...y u stoped

  3. DAaaaaaaaaamm !! This is AsOmee !! tu Tieness liricaa ShantY !! (K) !!

  4. Greattttttt Shantiiii !!! That's My GF's BestFriend !!!!! :P Awesome Shanti !!