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Monday, August 9, 2010

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow

Everyone has the right to be heard. In this day and age the majority of us all have an opinion on a subject we love enough to voice it. Coming from Brooklyn, New York Kenny Nero experienced the life of the average street kid, although this story sounds common, Kenny has witnessed a handful in which you hear in every verse he delivers. I asked Kenny what makes him different he replied, "Its jus bein diverse nah mean I don't limit myself, I could be a visionary on the beat and the next track I'm poppin bottles and gettin twisted or I could be on my bite a nigga head off shit and then the next I'm talkin bout shorty". With The Notorious B.I.G. being his biggest influence you can understand why its crucial for him to make it as a Rapper and more importantly set up a foundation for the people in his life. "The people I'm around influence me more cause I'm not just doing it for me I'm doing it for us nah mean" that's something we can all relate to because its not uncommon to want to reach a goal in order to watch others around you succeed as well. With the guidance and support of his uncle Marci, I have supreme belief that Kenny can one day be heard by the masses and set a place for himself in the Hip-Hop scene. Kenny has managed to create a buzz for himself in Mt.Pocono, Pennsylvania which he did without much help. "My favorite track ever is and will forever be "Juicy" by Biggie "born sinner the opposite of a winner remember when I use to eat sardines for dinner" I fucks wit it cause its tells you a story of a nigga comin from nuttin to something". Its common influences from average people that enable regular people like you and me to follow goals, and make our dreams into our reality's. Although Kenny was quite discreet towards who he's currently working with towards creating new music, give him a hear and you can hear the hunger in his voice. Kenny Nero' competitive mind-state allows him to continue making music, stay driven, and stay relevant. The ambition Kenny has shown his fans is enough to establish himself and begin to build himself up as a brand, all he needs is great focus and a strong team behind him in order to make it. The positive attitude Kenny possesses will allow him to make some great connections. "In the game I see myself climbing and competing with the best for that #1 and I say climbing because you can only get better at what you do if you doin for a while". If you show persistence and invest in yourself others will invest in you as well, and your goal will be achieved with those who believed in you from the start.

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