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Thursday, August 5, 2010


The New York City Hip-Hop scene is about to get a face lift, as Queens Rapper Cee Money prepares to unleash his sophomore mixtape "Fly High or Get Flown Over". His buzz began generating after he released a track titled "Deadly When I Pull The Pen Out" which basically spoke for itself as he began gaining immediate attention. Cee even managed to win his first Hip Hop competition, proving to himself that he was worthy for the Hip Hop lifestyle he wanted to follow. The confidence within Cee allowed him to name his first mixtape "I Am The Future" which he dropped on March 9 as a tribute to Notorious B.I.G. In only two years time Cee Money has established himself as a genuine Rapper, his Freestyle's alone are a force to be reckoned with!

With the current single "Summer Time" taking off on the Internet, Cee prepares to make the video which will be shot by Seb from Down Bottom Films. The video will be shot in Washington Heights on the day of The Dominican Festival, which is a perfect time to grasp that summer feel which will be everywhere that day. I have superior confidence in Cee and his pursuit to be the first Rapper to come out of Woodside, Queens and make a name for his himself along with his neighborhood. I had the chance to hear ten of his new tracks which I deemed all mixtape worthy, although Cee might disagree (lol). Either way he's the truth! I give him two more years before he's lyrically recognized as a realist, and viewed as an asset to the Hip Hop community. His persistence is exceptional and his humble approach is the pivot to get him where he needs to be in life. When I asked Cee Money what makes you who you are he replied,"Basically I'm living like a Legend and Ima die as an Icon".

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