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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ace Marcano - "Demon/ Love Robot "

There's a new sound coming out of Brooklyn this November. Artist Ace Marcano has released his anticipated mixtape titled "Demon/ Love Robot" under Superb Records. The Buzz began generating over the Summer, and the mixtape was well under way for the Fall. His premier song "We Dine [Bonjour La Vie]" which is french for "Hello to Life" picked up fast among listeners all over the world and became recognized as a Hit from all his peers. I got a chance to sit in and listen to a live screening of "Demon/ Love Robot" with Ace this past week at a mutual friends apartment in Brooklyn. Although I heard several of the songs said to be released on the mixtape, I was still intrigued to hear the rest of the mixtape from Ace Marcano himself! This November and December Ace is looking to put a band together and record another mixtape, or as Ace put it "Everything New, Everything Better".

There's a mystical feeling to the music Ace produces, it's definitely a sound mainstream isn't all to familiar with yet. A track that signifies that is, "Digital Love" which has an upbeat Monday morning back to work feel. Ace jokingly compared the beat to a cable sitcom theme song which was hilarious, the song definitely makes you want to groove! The next hit on the roster was, "3 Missed Calls" which was a story of being in relations with an older female while avoiding becoming serious. This song came naturally to Ace, as well as the title which was cleverly put if I may say so myself. His presence on this song is powerful, he gives his audience the pleasure to get to know him. I couldn't help to notice the soul embedded in each record I heard. My favorite track besides the popular, "We Dine [Bonjour La Vie] " has to be "Something About Us". The song has a theme as if Jazz meets spoken word, its intellectually diverse. The amount of love he has for music is visible on every bar, let alone his catchy chorus. Ace mentioned to me that the Radio taught him to be eclectic, although his sound stands out from them all.

Back in July I had a chance to go to one of Ace Marcano's show cases in Downtown Manhattan, he performed, "Cloud 9" the theme being two people who feel what they have is too good to be true. Its very inspiring and it makes you think of the first few weeks of a fresh relationship. The coolest single on "Demon/ Love Robot" was "Slow Smoking" a tribute to the cures Marijuana offers. There is a sample during the bridge of the song which Bob Marley says "Weed is a Herb" showing relevance to its honest usage. Any smoker can find himself uploading this to their playlist quickly, that goes to say for the rest of the mixtape as well. Another favorite of mine was "Dance, Dance, Dance" featuring Lykke Li , which I featured on my previous blog post as a Classic. The song was a story of a reunion between a couple who went Through a bad relationship, and they somehow find a way to get in contact. The answer behind making up is usually sex and connection this song expresses that exceptionally well.

This Summer he shot a promotional video in Philadelphia titled, "Demon/ Love Robot: Daydreamer" which was narrated by artist Justin Morris. The video reached into the real Ace Marcano, a behind the music like feel. This gave Ace's fans and viewers a chance to understand him better, and get to know what inspired the music on his mixtape. The premier song behind the theme was, "Demons Call" which is a metaphorical song detailing how the conscience always plays a part in bad decisions. The lyrics were cleverly put together and gave base for a great record. Other records like "Sweet Get Away, Take It Off, and Lets Make Love" all gave great vibes and showed to be great Jams. Ace recently had the chance to co star in a Music Video with Rapper Mikey Jay titled, "Can't Change Me". As Ace Marcano continues to progress on his quest to be heard by the masses, he still finds time to touch basis with his core audience. A core song I found he kept true to himself and his craft, was "Struggling Artist" which was very heartfelt and showed a variety of emotion in each category. Ace manages to give you full sight, inside the life of aspiring artist and his every day struggle to make it.

Its easy to understand how we all have demons that linger in our thoughts or in our every day decisions. Its hard to fight them off at times but we must persist and try to reach our goals. Ace Marcano has expressed that through this inspiring mixtape which I recommend to anyone who truly loves music. Each song has a story behind it, making it easy for you to see who Ace Marcano is and where he comes from. His grind is also a big factor behind his music, he is the infinitive Robot in the mixtape title. The most important thing this mixtape gives the listener is the simple reminder to remember to "LOVE" and keep living life as best as you can.

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