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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who The Hell Is Yelawolf?

Hip Hop fans have been talking, and the conversation has been steering toward 30 year old Alabama Native Yelawolf, who is set to release his first major album on November 22nd under Ghet-O-Vision/ Interscope Records. It's been a long road for Yelawolf who tried becoming a pro skateboarder a few years ago, but was forced to retire that dream due to too many injuries. Formally signed to Columbia Records in 2007, Yelawolf tried adapting and finding his niche but was later dropped that year after Rick Ruben decided he wasn't what they were looking for. For an artist to take criticism from the man who partially made Def Jam is a hard thing to do, but Yelawolf took it with pride took his music elsewhere. He began releasing independent mixtape's that same year and continued his quest for stardom.

In 2010 he made his first major appearance on Bizzarre's third studio album, "Friday Night at St. Andrews" which led to another collaboration this time with Big Boi on his respective first album on a song titled, "You Ain't No DJ". Andre 3000 managed to produce the record; This came as a shock to Yelawolf because he ranks Outkast as the greatest Rap group of all time. Surprises can be a bit overwhelming at times, most recently he had the chance to collaborate with Paul Wall on fifth studio album Heart of a Champion track "Live It" which also features Jay Electronica and Raekwon, produced by Travis Barker. His biggest hit record thus far is, "Pop The Trunk" which was shot on a true to the essence visual style in Yelawolf own backyard in Alabama.

The buzz began generating and in 2010 he was ultimately signed with Interscope Records. Which was a great accomplishment on his part, but does that leave way for Interscope to mold this young white rapper to another Eminem? Remember folks Yelawolf is avid fan of Eminem, and he's even admitted that he's his first priority as far as "dream collaborations" go. Among the collaborations and his earned acclaim as the newest "White Boy" in the rap scene, Yelawolf also managed to link up with Marijuana Socialite Wiz Khalifa on his "Waken Baken" tour which is practically selling out every venue across North America.

His anticipated album, "Trunk Muzik" is collectively in the works right now and fans are anxious to see what he will deliver. In my opinion Yelawolf is way better than Asher Roth as far as new comers go, and his savy lyrics and bright past will alow him to make his own lane in Hip Hop unless Interscope has another plan for him, Check out the video to his latest song, "I Just Wanna Party" featuring Gucci Mane.

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