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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kanye's Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: 5th Studio Album

We all took notice of the Kanye West POWER Takeover this Fall as he continued to release GOOD Music each Friday on his Blog , cleverly titling it GOOD FRIDAYS. It was definitely appreciated by listeners all over as Kanye collectively gathered his album and worked on what we call "Dream collaborations". As the countdown continues till November 22nd we all wait in anticipation for the first peek of the NEW album. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted fantasy" is a pretty strait forward title, you can tell this album came from a different part of Kanye's musical barrier. There are still songs on the album we have yet to hear, such as "Hell of a life, Lost in the world and Who will Survive in America". Kanye recently had the chance to visit the Today Show with reporter Matt Lauer, who badgered Kanye on recent comments on former President Bush. This caused Kanye to backlash on twitter stating, "I came in there with a positive attitude, All the media wants to do is flip the story!" It can be quite overbearing sometimes for an artist to stay on a positive track, with negativity riding you everywhere like the wind. If Kanye's First Class performance wasn't a sign of being positive then what is? Non the less we are all very anxious to hear "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and try to understand what Kanye West is thinking these days.

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