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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PS...The Art Is Dope!

As I was going through my usual routine of looking for new talent online, I stumbled upon a very talented artist on all places but Twitter. The artist goes by the twitter name @PsImDope which is pretty accurate as far as her talent is concerned. She draws life like portraits of every day artist, preferably Rappers and other musicians alike. I find her work quite extravagant, especially since the majority of her work is visually amazing. Going through her work I stumbled upon a portrait she drew for artist Big Sean (pictured above) ,who received the art work and posted it on twitter for the world to see. Other artist include Curren$y & (also pictured above) who she boasted just gazed at her work yesterday for the first time via twitter.

Other artist she's had the pleasure of working with consist of Wale, Lady Gaga, J.Cole, Tyga, Chad Hugo along with the rest of N.E.R.D. and many others as well. Her work as a graphic designer and photographer also stand out and give @PsImDope an artistic edge. she's quite unique in her craft. I found it quite captivating how she came up with the visual for The All City Chess Club! That alone is a big accomplishment for an artist but a Hip Hop fan as well, her work is Impressive. Her most recent work includes a piece on avid weed smoker Wiz Khalifa (pictured above). You can check out her work on her Flickr page.

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