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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marcii Allargo

When you think of Brooklyn you think of the greats like Biggie, Jay Z, Mos Def and Fabolous to name a few, but artist Marcii Allargo is making his mark to be part of that line up in the years to come. Although we know it will take a great deal of work to achieve that goal, Marcii has one thing most artist don't have that's versatility and self awareness. His ability to make music ranging from trials and tribulations to the usual party music and "Take a nigga bitch" music as he adequately put it. Born in Tobago, Trinidad Marcii has seen the world in a different prospective till he moved to Brooklyn in his later years. Marcii decided to start rapping about nine years ago in 2001 when Dr.Dre released "The Chronic" it was the gateway towards his journey into the Hip-Hop world, which I might add was a great influence towards becoming a Rapper.

His goal as an artist is to simply stay relevant and not lose himself before he reaches his ultimate destination, which a lot of people tend to do due to the pressure and the fast lifestyle. I can honestly respect that, its not everyday you find an artist who is in tune with his goals and knows how much he can take before he changes his ways of thinking. One of his biggest influences which we both share in common is Bob Marley, because despite everything that was thrown in his path he didn't complain he faced it with a smile and the highest confidence. If given the chance he would like to work with artist such as Jay Z, Lauren Hill, Joe Budden, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Chrissette Michelle and Kanye West to name a few. Taking a look at music today Marcii told me he's very excited to see the direction the game is taking in the next few years.

Besides being an artist he's also quite passionate towards fashion and believes its a big part of our culture. With the majority of his songs on Myspace, Marcii is currently working on a mixtape which is yet to be titled which is due to be released in December. The anticipated release has many of his fans on their toes but that's the beauty of good music, when you think of Marcii just picture someone from the bottom who has the potential to be the best.

How do you Get Sauced?
"I get sauced with that Henny and that good bitch Mary Jane, more so Mary Jane she got me committed ".

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