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Friday, September 24, 2010

Comeback Season

The Jordan Brand is making a strong comeback this year for Nike.There have been a lot of ups and downs on what consumers anticipated this year for the Jordan brand. With the recent release of the S.A.E "Silver Anniversary Edition" of Some of the hottest Jordans ever released, Retro Jordans proved to be the Top Sellers. There is still the question of "Will they continue to deliver good merchandise?" due to the fact there's no official release for any future "SAE". There was talk of EVERY Retro Jordan being Released in white. So Anticipation once again is the key of the Jordan Brands Success. The Jordan Retro's 3, 4, And 9 have already been released, let the wait begin for your favorite Retro to be released!!

The Air Max Uptempo 97 Will be released this year, the wait is finally over! There was some slight controversy amongst Sneakerhead's recently about the Uptempo 97 and the Nike Foamposites looking alike, It raised a few eyebrows and left people asking, "which one is worth it"? The way the color display on each one is sick I say get em both. The Air Max Uptempo will come in colors such as black and white, Red and Black as well as a Navy Blue and white edition which is rarely seen now in days. The retail price is set to be $160 and still has no exact release date, but believe me they will definitely be flying off shelves.

Nike Recently came out with the idea to make a new kind of "Fusion" sneaker. The victim this time will be one of the greatest sneakers to ever touch a persons feet....Foamposites. The Jordan/Uptown Fusions actually sold a decent amount considering Nike was putting out Retros At the Same time as the Fusions due to the Retro influence. This can be a Love or Hate Sneaker for Sneakerheads in every class. It Features The Foamposite Material as well as the original Air force 1 Design. Be on the look out for a few colorways Including Silver and maybe even a Eggplant colorway.

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