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Friday, September 24, 2010


With a love for the art of Break dancing DJ DIVERSE grew up as a B-Boy in the streets of New York City, as a teen he saw a DJ doing a set and he took that as his biggest inspiration and ran with it. Now with about eight years under his belt, DJ DIVERSE has managed to link up with Los Maximo Productions in the year 2007, and become one of their official DJ's. He is currently working on his website which will be up sooner than later and you can also catch DJ DIVERSE on on Thursday nights at 7pm. Every career path has it perks and luckily for DJ DIVERSE traveling is one of the major factors induced into his everyday schedule.

DJ DIVERSE has managed to travel to Florida, North Carolina, Arizona even to Canada to entertain at lounges, clubs and many other events. With the changes in the DJ Industry from working with LPC, to CD's to the more efficient Laptop, technology has definitely changed the coarse of how DJ' work these days. He favorites Salsa, Techno and House music when it comes to his set, but he sure doesn't mind changing it up and getting the party started. I had a chance to party with DJ DIVERSE at a New York City lounge called Room Service on 21st between 5Th & Park. He definitely had the crowd going in a frenzy as we celebrated a mutual friends birthday, he even managed to give GetSaucedTV a shout out which was cool. His style is quite different and his approach toward music is amazing!

With influences like DJ DP ONE, DJ DANNY S, DJ COCO CHANELLE, DJ PETER GONZALEZ, & DJ ALEX SENSATION his motive and dedication towards becoming a great DJ was steered in the right direction. I asked DJ DIVERSE, "What makes you different from other DJ's"? He replied, "I believe in the ability to break records in the club...Now all you hear is mainly DJ's playing the new records on the radio..I also believe the diversity of music I will play at a party anywhere from English, Spanish or Brazilian. I'm not afraid of playing it for any crowd if its at the right moment". I guess it isn't hard to understand why they call him DJ DIVERSE.


  1. Great Dj and person, I had the chance to meet him and enjoy his skills live. Wish him all the best in his career, and hope to have him back in NC soon!!