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Monday, September 13, 2010


The Lower East Side is on the rise with a series of new artist coming out in a wave. One artist in particular that stands out is E.L.I.T.E, his witty rhymes and social attitude have managed to build a lane for E.L.I.T.E in the New York Hip Hop scene. With a relative attitude towards his music, E.L.I.T.E's prime objective is to make music we can all relate to, he really puts emphasis on each verse so regular Joe's like us can say things like "Damn, that's exactly what I was thinking".
With artist like Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and J.Cole on his iPod, it's obvious E.L.I.T.E has a very fresh approach towards his taste in music. Although he is an avid listener of modern Rap and Hip Hop, his biggest influence behind his progression to make it proved to be Eminem in his 8 Mile era. Like most young artist, poetry was the driving force behind his rhymes which he began writing at the age of 12, his love for words obviously took him in the right path. From Gangster Music to Pop Techno, E.L.I.T.E's versatility is what sets him apart from all the other fish in the tank.
The "Light Up (Remix)" he did with fellow L.E.S rapper Profecy back in July did well, and his buzz for his mixtape "The Hangova" is going around fast. As a college student currently enrolled at The University at Albany, his progression to spreading the message will soon hit the masses. In his approach to the new generation he believes it's an artist's job to mold and create new styles in music in order to leave a positive blueprint for the next generation to follow. At the age of only eighteen E.L.I.T.E plans on obtaining an education while pursuing his rap career as well. Given the opportunity E.L.I.T.E hopes to one day work with greats such as Eminem and Jay-Z. I see ambition in E.L.I.T.E and his pursuit to make it as a Rapper, you can tell he's a dedicated individual who pushes
Every Last Inch Towards Excellence.

How do you Get Sauced?
New mixtape is called "The Hangova" ...nuff said. lol.. YUUUUUURRRRRR! good lookin for the interview Gz! Get SAUCED FUCKIN TV!!! IF YOU DONT GET SAUCED GET LOST JUUUU HEARDD ! SHOUT TO WHITE KNIGHT ENT. GOD SQUAD. L.E.S...we here!

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