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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Heavy DOe

It's easy to get addicted to something you familiarize yourself with, its even easier to get others addicted to something you truly believe in. Artist Heavy Doe often characterizes his music as an addiction of sorts, leaving a lasting impression on his listeners. Raised in Washington Heights, New York Heavy found himself involved in the Rap scene at the early age of nine When he first heard a glimpse of Biggie's "Give me the loot" from then on he became an avid Hip Hop fan. By the age of fifteen he gradually began writing his first written raps which were influenced by the movement Hip Hop was generating at the time in addition to the sway by his peers to do rap music.

Throughout the years he collectively grew his fan base learning to remain outside the box and make his music to his taste and comfort. From the inspiration 4:20 brings, Heavy finds motivation in speaking about his day to day and trying out new directions in music. Heavy recently dropped a song called "Purple Sprite" which spoke for itself. His style is unlike most other artist, he brings a calm and collective attitude to the table easily hypnotizing his listeners to some real good music. The Bigger Picture is always seen clearly through his eyes, the efforts he's made to progress in the game continue to grow as well as his musical library which runs about three years deep, proving great music is timeless.

Everyday surroundings are embedded in Heavy's personality, it doesn't with his humble humorous self. but his mindset is global, he's been traveling over seas since he was younger visiting places like Belgium, Spain, and Germany. He's had the opportunity to witness the Amsterdam lifestyle at a young age staying with his father and his brothers at two different occasions in his life. Heavy is currently working on a mixtape with Cato Williams who's a professional Skateboarder, who runs his own Skate shop in Downtown Los Angels called SK8CAFE.

Traveling the world has taught Heavy that life is precious and every day has its worth. Given the opportunity he plans on building Health Organizations in his country Which is The Dominican Republic, who are in dire need of medical attention. Making it in the music business is his hardest mission, even though the music is dope and honest to his fans. His Debut mixtape titled "STR8 DOe No Change" will strike the beginning of what's soon to be a new era of music. The playlist on his Ipod is often just His own Music or beats, which he sorts through constantly trying to explore new sounds and good vibes. "sometimes your voice might be the missing "instrument" on the beat this is something Heavy goes by trying to reach the world one person at a time.

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