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Monday, December 6, 2010

Do The Right Thing: The Book

With about 20 years since its memorable debut, Do The Right Thing remains an important and inspirational film to so many due to its fundamental value dealing with everyday issues such as race and interracial relationships. The film took place in Spike Lee's Brooklyn hometown which set the theme for the movie. The movie became a instant success due to its critical and popular message's and situations. Do The Right Thing became a landmark film that brought serious issues in the African American community to light and established Lee as a major director in American cinema. Spike also wrote the screenplay, produced, and even starred in the movie to give it the personal touch it deserved in order to grab the viewers attention and connect with the audience more clearly to expose these everyday situations.

Even the soundtrack the movie provided was quite influential with Public Enemies "Fight The Power" as its signature record for the movie. The book provides a behind the scene look at the movie in addition to visuals and interviews never seen before. The book is an omage to the years we have all faced together and the road taken to bettet ourselves as individuals. The movie has made an impact in American society and has even been credited toward bringing President Barack Obama and the First Lady together on their first date.

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