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Monday, April 4, 2011

Crashplanet & Mopeshi : Art For Money (Interview) At PNCRADIO.FM

With Hip-Hop leaning towards commercialism and catchy hooks, you stop and wonder where has the essence of the genre gone? Where are the story tellers or wise enthusiast who give meaning to the music? Maybe it is a dying breed, but I happened to stumble across a few individuals who still possess the graphic sound of Hip-Hop at its purest form. Art For Money is a group of three Emcee's from different backgrounds who have come together to make Music, Art, and Clothing in their expressive form. The group consist of Artist Crash Planet, Mopeshi, and Ramon Rendezvous who have been making music since 2008, and officially linked up as a group in November of 2009. The group has a nineties influenced sound with a futuristic flow embedded on each record. The groups name is comprised of all their skills put into one focus. With backgrounds in graphic arts, managment, clothing reproduction and design, the name Art For Money compliments their many talents and gives them an edge in this music industry.

Their signature sound is like Kid Cudi meets Souls of Mischief, but at times it can be more like Outkast over House music. None the less its all FIRE and well put together from the subject matter to the witty jokes and phrases the group is known for. The group has worked with producers Mad Soul & Nitro in addition to band mate Ramon who also produces a lot of their records as well. Art For Money is currently working on their biggest project to date titled, "The Dirty 30" releasing one song per day until April 20th, which were all patiently waiting for. Not only will they drop the Art For Money debut Album, but they also plan on releasing their solo projects as individual artist, which many fans are eager to hear. Crash Planet one of the three members of the group is currently working on his solo project which features songs like, Spider Webs, Chillax, and Take Me Home. The song Take Me Home is pretty dope, it's about a Superman like figure who comes to save the planet but at the end of it all wants to go back home to his planet. As a Texas native Crash is a very humorous guy who's not afraid to hold his tongue and be expressive at all times.

The thing with the group is that they are basically walking pieces of Art, if they see something that sparks their interest they will use that muse towards creating something worth hearing or looking at. Crash Planet had the chance to meet Mopeshi at President Obama's Inaugural party and the rest became history. Artist Mopeshi is a Northern California native who holds a college degree in Graphic Design, which he uses in all forms. He recently designed the flyer for a Fund Raiser titled "We Love Japan" which was a collaborative effort to raise money for those suffering victims in Japan, after the devastating tsunami disaster. He has also designed and collaborated with brands such as Rock Smith, Miskeen, Mister and New Era. In addition Mopeshi has even taken the time out to begin the Art For Money clothing line, Liberation Lab which will begin distributing more products soon. With influences in music like 2 Short, Snoop Dogg, Dre, MJG and DJ Quick you understand where he gets his vibe from.

Together as a collective Art For Money is on the rise, recording just about every day while seizing all opportunities involved. Members of the group all share different inspirations in music, but share the same atmosphere in their music barrier. Artist Ramon Rendezvous is quite different in his own outlook, he draws inspiration from Ronni Size, Carlos Santana and classical pieces of work such as Stevie Wonders Inner Vision Album. Mopeshi and Ramon both met in Art School and became good friends in no time. Ramon Finds time to produce beats for the group in addition for himself, making his visions come to life with his words and play on sounds. Although I only got to speak with Ramon, he did employ the truth in his craft by saying, "Inspiration keeps a flame under me, I'm just blessed to be creative". The trio have performed in venues such as South Paw, The Knitting Factory, Little Field, The Studio Museum in Harlem, The Scope Art Fair, Wynwood Art District, Miami Art Basel and various lounges throughout New York City. Everyone's talent has its own value, and these three guys are bringing back the creativity of the meaning: Art For Money.

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