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Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you wanna make it you have to Putwork!

It's been a few months since Casino Putwork has impacted the streets, but now he's back and this time he's hungry as ever! His original mixtape debut has been under wraps for quite sometime, which has enabled Putwork to gravitate around this project and perfect it piece by piece. The original title was "Fuck Your Mixtape" which most fans found humorous and direct. After much thought he decided to change it because he wanted the title to reflect his work ethic, and better connect himself with his image. After much thought he cleverly named it, "Self Employed" which empowers his image and stands for his true values. The amount of work he has put into this project speaks in numbers, especially in his hometown of Washington Heights, New York. Fans from all sides eagerly await to hear the latest hit from Putwork Which I can say will captivate a good audience given the fact Putwork is known for his shocking remarks and in your face approach.

I myself had the chance to hear a variety of songs that will find themselves on the mixtape, and I like what I heard. He's currently working with a few fellow artist like Reynos & Heavy DOe on new material which you will get soon, be patient the mixtape debut is May 26!

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