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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mysonne: The Underdog

Credibly respected by most of his peers, Mysonne has put in his fair share of work over the years as an artist and has managed to make a name for himself beyond the underground circuit. Back in the late 90's he was signed to VIOLATOR Records where he began his journey toward stardom. He had the chance to record with some of the best artist and names in modern day Hip Hop, including DMX, Ma$e, Beanie Sigel and Loon to name a few. All that came to a screeching halt after Mysonne was arrested and sentenced to seven years for armed robbery. After his release Mysonne quickly linked up with his musical connections and began recording once again, showing his dedication toward his progression to once again rise in the music industry as a respective artist.

I had the chance to speak with Mysonne about a month ago regarding his state of mind and current projects. He's currently working harder than ever on his music and has recently signed a deal with The Game and his Black Wall Street label. Many avid Hip Hop spectators didn't take this a good sign, they believe he penned the deal out of anxiety and the urge to be heard under a known circuit. Unlike the critics I believe he did what was best for him, his grind toward being heard is going places unlike most Underground Rappers who never make it. It's safe to say Mysonne will make some noise this year whether you like it or not.

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