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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do You Believe?

The Lower East Side is shining bright this October as rapper Profecy released his debut mixtape "Make You A Believer" hosted by DJ Laser.
This Mixtape has generated quite a tremendous buzz over the summer and the anticipation was quite worth the wait. As soon as you hit play, you could feel the dedication and hard work put into this project as Profecy delivers his story. The track listing was very well put together, the first few tracks were all focused on realism and the everyday struggles we all deal with. The track "The World" is a great example of the intuitiveness Profecy has in store. The record "Guilty" was one we all can relate to dealing with hype and the struggles of modern society. Each track persists on the everyday grind and the battles we overcome to achieve common goals. My favorite track is "Warriors" strictly because this is a record which we can all just sit back and smoke a blunt to in the comfort of your own serenity.With the album being released on 10/10/10 its sure to say that Profecy has prophesied his own success.

One thing that Profecy has shown us is that if you have faith in yourself, others will have faith in you as well. He's taken these principals and not only applied them to this mixtape but also amongst his team, The FUMilia. Profecy also his own movement The FUMlife which is based in the L.E.S. and they're doing a great job recruiting believers and non believers alike. This is a great inspirational mixtape for urban society as well as the voice of a young, aspiring artist.Profecy's drive and persistence has paid off in the form great music, slowly but surely I have faith that he will obtain his goals as an Emcee and make the world believe.

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